Golden Milk Drink Recipe with Turmeric

There is a lot of hype around turmeric these days. So many people are touting the benefits, me included. Turmeric can lower inflammation, improve memory, lessen pain, lower your risk of heart disease, help fight depression, and lastly in one study it was shown to affect the growth of cancer.

Where Do I Begin?

When you know you want to make a change, sometimes it’s really hard to know where to start. From my experience I was craving, and at times crying, because all I wanted was someone to help me figure out how to change the path I was on. My body

Ditching The Toxins In Your Kitchen

A case for cast iron and glass In our modern world we are inundated with toxins, chemicals, pollutants, and so on. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and expensive when you think about all the ways you should be avoiding chemicals. I have 2 easy swaps that won’t break the bank

The Evolution of the Modern Diet

Let’s talk about the evolution of our modern diet. The following is only a summary of the stages of change that have taken place in the way we as humans eat food. The changes in our diet have brought with them, changes in lifestyle, community, connectedness and physical health.

White Bean and Swiss Chard Soup Recipe

On chilly fall days, I get really excited that I spent so much time in the spring planting, weeding, and watering my garden. Sure tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers are amazing but my favorite crop to harvest has to be carrots and celery. They are versatile and delicious. Whether you’re